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It is my joy to offer a safe space for you to listen deeply to yourself, whether you desire to connect more intimately with God, if you simply want to take some time to "re-read" part of your own story, or if you need support for your own grief journey.


“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself... And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.” 
― Howard Thurman

Spiritual Direction
Opening to God's Presence Right Where You Are

Spiritual direction is a sacred, safe space for you to be with God with “what is” in your life.  It is a time to deeply listen to your soul and rest in God’s presence with you just as you are. In the midst of life’s busy-ness, spiritual direction offers you a time to be still and notice God with you.

The true spiritual director is God, who is always present, always initiating relationship, and always inviting you into deeper union and love.  As a human spiritual director, I simply accompany and listen with you for God’s invitation, assist in noticing the inner working of God in your life, and uphold your belovedness.

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Spiritual Direction Sessions

Individual Sessions

One hour session either in person or on Zoom.  These sessions include quieting in God’s presence, your own personal sharing, and pausing to reflect and respond. Usually we meet once a month. 

Introductory Session

A free introductory individual 

session for those are interested in seeing if spiritual direction might be a something they would like to continue.

Companioning Group

A safe space for your group, to listen and be listened to deeply, whether the focus is scripture, prayer, racial reconciliation, or community.  Contact me for more information, types of groups, and cost. 

Personal Debriefing
Linger a Little with your Life

To be honest “debriefing” sounds a little too business-focused.  Perhaps we can say instead: unpacking and honoring your life story.  You are Here.  How did you get here?  What was significant, whether wonderful, ordinary or difficult, that deserves a voice? Personal debriefing is a time to look at a specific time or event in your life with the intent of both valuing it and being informed by its part in where you are today.   


What happens in personal debriefing?  As you look at where you have been, you begin to discover themes in your story. New insights may arise for you and you gain a fuller understanding of yourself.  You are then able to integrate what you learn into your current story and let it inform you as you journey forward. Additionally, personal debriefing can be a useful adjunct to counseling, spiritual direction or life coaching.


What would I debrief about?  Here are some ideas to get you thinking: 

  • A significant life transition- a move, a new job.

  • A significant experience- perhaps you went on a “life changing trip” and no one seemed too interested to hear about it when you got back.

  • The past month, or 6 months, or year… Did it go by in a blurr?  Was it "just" life as usual? Take some some to notice its true significance.


Do I have to be religious to do Personal Debriefing?  You are welcome regardless of your faith experience. Personal debriefing is simply telling your story and “listening yourself” into self-understanding.

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Personal Debriefing Session

Meet with me briefly online to get more information and see if personal debriefing would be a fit for you.



 Identify the event or season you would like to debrief. Together we will decide the number of sessions needed. 


Tell your story without interruption, discover its themes, and look for the meaning and learning that is significant to you as you move forward.

Grief Companioning
Support for the Grief Process

Experiencing loss is one of the most difficult and painful human experiences. Grief is the normal process we go through in response to our loss.  As a grief companion, I offer a safe space for you to be supported in your grief journey.  You may only need a one hour session or you may want a companion for some weeks or months.  Perhaps 15 minutes is all you want at the moment.  Wherever you are in your grief, feel free to reach out and see what you feel is needed. 


I am available to meet by Zoom, phone, or in person for those in Nashville.


My name is Sue Newton

I completed my training as a spiritual director through CenterQuest School of Spiritual Direction ( in August, 2020. I am a trained personal debriefer through SeeBeyond ( My grief companioning certification is through the Healthy Mourning bereavement support program  (


    About Me

    For 23 years, I lived and loved in a place called Kijabe, Kenya.  There I raised 5 children, supported the work of my physician husband, and was gifted with deep friendships.  At the same time, I felt the tension and stresses of living in a low resource setting, daily struggling with what was the “right thing to do” and often wondering if I was doing enough or even was enough in light of the vast needs around us.  I was involved in orphan work, community outreach, prayer ministry, and Bible studies. My own personal time in scripture and prayer was rich and life giving.  And yet, there were emotional landmines in my personal life that I couldn’t understand and I was beset by questions about faith that I did not feel safe asking. God used pain and learning to sit quietly in a new way to draw me to God’s very specific, tender compassion for me, just as I was.  


    HERE Spiritual Direction is Christ-centered and ecumenical. I look forward to welcoming anyone who desires more intimacy with God. 


    HERE Personal Debriefing is rooted in the belief that each person's story, regardless of faith background, matters infinitely. Upon returning to live in the US in 2021, I saw in my own life the need to have a space to tell my story in order to learn and grow. This led me to first receive personal debriefing and then become a trained debriefer. 

    HERE Grief Companioning exists to offer compassionate support for an individual's unique grief experience. 


    I am available to meet via Zoom or in person for those in Nashville, TN.

    *I am committed to making spiritual direction and debriefing accessible to everyone and am able to offer reduced rates for those with limited incomes.  

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